L’art De Bijoux

Born in Georgia and living in Germany, Berlin Natia Bakhtadze studied (Art and Textile Design) at Georgian State Academy, where she began to hone her design skills. She began customizing her own style, which eventually leads to her namesake jewelry line – L’art De Bijoux. Prints are a big part of her design aesthetic that adds feminine and flirty quality that we are always drawn to, balancing edgy looks exploring different eras from grunge to modern Victorian era.

Q – I remember as kids, you always used to make clothes and on summer holidays do the art lessons. Fashion designing seems like a good in between being creative and productive; and how do you end up?

NB – I’ve contiplated and mulled over fashion and art for a long time now, however, I managed to unify both…which led me to having being conent and turn out better results: great relief and good decision.

Q – How did you get into fashion?

NB – My mother realized that I had the qualities at a tende ripe age that I had apassion for fashion design. Interestly enough she had a private seamstress who designed gorgeous dresses for her then fast-forward shome years, I took the clothes apart until she locked her wardrobe with a key…funny but true.

Q – What is more of yourself now and than?

NB – Presently I am interested to become more self-developed, because I thought that I had already enough knowledge on things that mattered the most, however, there’s always room for improvement.

Q – Your first job as a model?

NB – That was in Tbilisi: I landed on the catwalk for a graduation show at a fashion school and at the time I was 16 years old.

Q – Do you remember when you started DJing?

NB – In Berlin when my friend showed me how to mix, in a popular bar  named “Wonhzimmer” where Berlin subversive and underground kids use to hang around.

Q – Is it serious or just for fun? 

NB – Of course my years of spinning music was all about fun. I was simply naughty and thriving to learn more through in terms of socially communicating to a crowd with my selection of music.

Q – What music are you into now? 

NB – At the moment I’m into german “Krautrock” and classic-avantgard music like:  John Cale,  Brian Eno,  LCD Soundsystem, and Animal Collectiveand experimental stuff like a band from Iceland  called “Múm “ they lived next to me in berlin Prenzlauerberg.

Q –  How would you describe your personal style?

NB – I believe that I have very individual style.

Q –  The fashion business got boring, most designers (I mean Demna Gvasalia) started spoiling fashion houses and everybody is amazed. What do you think of those tendencies and how long they last?

NB – I like Demna, he is very brave and very different, and he is one of these missionaries or simply provocateurs!!! Does not want to belong to stereotypical drawer!!! There will be always one, who “Dances without tact”

Q –  What materials do you use/ and wish to try to work with?

NB – Glass or diamonds

Q –  Where do you go for inspiration?

NB – Italy.

Q –  How does that inspiration turn into reality?

NB – I take a lot of pictures in travel, love colors of Mediterranean and architecture from the 20th century.

Q –  What about BAUHAUS Project?

The Bauhaus was design school in Germany. It was established between 1919 and 1933 and today is regarded as a home of the avant-garde of classical modernism in all areas of free and applied art. In 2 years it could celebrate 100 years jubilee and I want to bring some pieces of my plans on the theatre stage, let’s see if I succeed…you know most difficult part for such a big project is, to bring artistic and organizing aptitude together.

Q – What’s your connection to Georgian or Jewish roots today?

NB – It makes me feel that I belong to a minority, which carries a difficult history, this has made integration in Europe easier for me, just because I’ve known very well how das it feels to be “Outsider”!!!

Q – And tell me about your last collaborations with Self Criticism of a Bourgeois Dog (2017)Proletarian winter’s Tale (2014)?

NB – I was lucky to work with many exciting people in Berlin, Julian Radlmaier is a friend of mine, he is a very talented writer and director, of Ein Proletarisches Wintermärchen, Selbstkritik eines buergerlichen Hundes, he is a master of political comedy films with “magic twists”.

Q –  Berlin Fashion Film Award (2013)?

NB – that was a collaboration with classical singer Grit Diaz de Arce and Sandra Hartleb.

Q – Do you plan collaborations with other designers lately?

NB – If I find the time I will be very happy to work with the designer and founder of Penelopes Sphere Tamari Nikoleishvili, to do some jewels for her very special clothes.

Q – What is your biggest next for you?

NB – Theater (Bauhaus) project and the new SHOOT (photo and video production company), again with very talented artist Sandra Hartleb.
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Q – A lipstick can really transform you and I’m all about that kind of efficiency. Moodier question – what color are you recently been doing on?

NB – Definitely coral pink 😉


Bauhaus_NB_1 pädaogische angebote3


Natia Bakhtadze 
Friedrichstraße 215-216
10969 Berlin
Mobile: +4915223503338
Office:  +49 30 54816302





AUGUSTIN TEBOUL is a high end womenswear label founded in 2010 by Annelie Augustin and Odély Teboul. The label offers exclusive garments and accessories on the edge of ready‐to-wear and haute couture.

(Runway highlights from AUGUSTIN TEBOUL Spring/Summer 2017 Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.)

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