Marion Cotillard for Dior Snapshots in LA + MOTORAMA

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Marion Cotillard has been everywhere this year from “The Immigrant” to “Two Days, One Night,” but what she is perhaps best known for is her portrayal of Edith Piaf in the 2007 film, “La Vie en Rose.” Audiences were introduced to her as an actress and a singer, yet Cotillard hasn’t found herself doing much of the latter since her Oscar-winning role.

Marion Dior 2

Her new role as brand ambassador to Dior has changed that. The actress teamed up with Metronomy’s Joseph Mount, an electronic musician, and director Eliott Bliss for an eclectic and haunting music video advertisement for both Dior and the band entitled, “Snapshot in LA.” The songstress’s smooth and breathy voice emphasizes the modern French luxury the video seems to be going for. Cotillard fearlessness as an actress is highlighted as she dances, swims, and jumps across a pool of water all the while maintaining her allure.

Watch video @bestmovie.it


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