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Lost Andy Warhol Works Have Been Found

Oh, happy day.

The art world is buzzing about 30 previously unknown works by Andy Warhol that were found by the new media artist Cory Arcangel.

Andy Warhol Work

He and his team went through Warhol’s old Commodore Amiga (that was a computer for the youngsters reading) disks and found some of the artist’s experiments in early digital art. Back in the day, Commodore enlisted Wardhol to help promote the launch of the Amiga 1000, commissioning him to create works on the computer. Arcangel worked with Carnegie Mellon University Computer Club to crack an old format, which revealed 28 never-seen images by the pop artist. A doc about the process in unearthing the doodles, camera shots, notes, and more will be shown at the Warhol Museum on May 10th. Looks like those 15 minutes keep going and going and going…


Andy Warhol Work



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