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Fashion Wars: NBA Playoffs Are a Whole New Season, Starting with Players’ Styles

“Now, being different is the norm in the world of NBA fashion, and there’s no bigger red carpet for unique and unexpected fashion than the playoffs, which begin Saturday.


Stuart Palley / Special to Bleacher Report

Bosh also draws inspiration from social media, including Instagram and Pinterest—and in many ways, that medium ignited the playoff fashion craze in the NBA. Players realized the increased exposure of arena arrivals and postgame press conferences to showcase their styles, and the growing sports blogosphere caught on quickly.

“Social media is a huge driving force behind the mushrooming of NBA style on a cultural level. The intrigue comes from that,” Johnson said. “If LeBron James, the manliest of men, a warrior, can wear a beautifully tailored red tuxedo, his boldness inspires manly mainstream men to emulate his chutzpah. Among the masses, athletes validate menswear, style and trends, and they make it cool to embrace it.”

Stuart Palley / Special to Bleacher Report

Starting this weekend, get ready for social media feeds and game broadcasts to play up styles upon styles. And the players will take just as much of an interest in all of it as we do.


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