21 Mary Katrantzou Prints That’d Make Adidas Sneakers Pop

Adidas announced its collaboration with British designer Mary Katrantzou yestarday. The collection will consist of women’s apparel and unisex sneakers, or as she told WWD, “When we started brainstorming, it was clear that we had a similar customer in mind—it’s someone who enjoys life and has fun with clothes. Age was not important, and we wanted the footwear to be for both men and women.”

Picture credit: GoRunway


Katrantzou is one of the most original digital print-makers designing today and her dresses retail from $2,000 to $10,000, so this is big. Huge. Plus, for those scared to wear her incredibly detailed and massively colorful works all over, just a taste of her prints is an especially exciting proposition. Look for the collab at Adidas in November 2014, and below find some prints that we’d love to see in sneaker form culled from her past six collections. Considering the range of graphics, it’s safe to say, we have no idea what to expect.

Catwalk 1Catwalk 2 Catwalk 3Catwalk 4 Catwalk 5Catwalk 6 Catwalk 7Catwalk 8 Catwalk 9Catwalk 10 Catwalk 11Catwalk 12 Catwalk 13Catwalk 14 Catwalk 15Catwalk 16 Catwalk 17Catwalk 18 Catwalk 19Catwalk 20 Catwalk 21Catwalk 22 Catwalk 23Catwalk 24 Catwalk 25Catwalk 26 Catwalk 27Catwalk 28 Catwalk 29Catwalk 30 Catwalk 31Catwalk 32 Catwalk 33Catwalk 34Catwalk 35

Adidas Links With Mary Katrantzou [WWD]


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