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Condé Nast Settles Intern Lawsuit


Photo via irrationalisha/Flickr


Condé Nast has settledits widely publicized the unpaid intern lawsuit that began last June. The suit was brought on by former W Magazine intern Lauren Ballinger and former New Yorker intern Matthew Leib for their internships in 2009 and 2010, respectively. Ballinger took legal action after her editors failed to give her the recommendation she needed to earn course credit—and she’d been working 8am to 10pm at the magazine. Leib worked normal hours at the New Yorker, but was performing tasks that should have been done but a full time, paid employee (or at least a paid freelancer), including proofreading and editing articles. Five months after the lawsuit arose, Condé Nast announced that they were killing their internship program.

The settlement details are not available, and a Condé Nast spokesperson declined to comment on the status of the shuttered internship program.
Condé Nast Settles Intern Lawsuit [WWD]


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