A new bra from Japan boasts a dangerous promise—to only unhook when you’re in love.

Apparel company Ravijour last week introduced “the True Love tester,” a bra that connects to smart phones via Bluetooth and analyzes the heart rate to know when to spring open. The company calls the product a “revolutionary bra that knows how women truly feel.”

“When we fall in love, we experience an instant boost of excitement,” unnamed human sexuality specialists and doctors explain in Ravijour’s promo video, which is watchable after the jump. “When excited, the adrenal medulla secretes catecholamine which affects the autonomic nerve and stimulates the heart rate.”

The company says their desire is for the bra to become “a friend of women around the world,” but we’re feeling pretty skeptical about the whole thing. What about other activities you do on a daily basis that increase your heart rate, like jogging, checking Gilt, and reading about the Middle East? What if you’re casually chatting with your work-crush, and your bra suddenly pops open? What if you’re having a rough week with the boyfriend and the bra refuses to come off?

If you’re interested, however, you can enter a chance to win 5,000 Japanese yen to spend on the brand’s site, since the bra is not directly for sell as of now.
· Ravijour [Official site]




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