Downtown’s Acne Studios is Opening

Impossibly cool Swedish retailer Acne Studios—globally known for its forward-thinking style and experimental aesthetic—is slated to open its first West Coast store (SF is next) at Downtown’s Eastern Columbia Building next week, making it their largest studio ever. (!!!)


Graphic via Acne Studios


Opening next Wednesday, December 18th (just a day before Urban Outfitters’ Rialto Theater store) the 5,000-square-foot space will house the cult fave brand’s first-ever in-store cafe and an exclusive VIP room for privacy-seeking shoppers.

In addition, Acne—pronounced ACK-nay in its native tongue—is releasing a limited edition scarf featuring its new Art Deco abode. We’ve already heard a bit of buzz on the streets that the rising shopping stretch of 9th & Broadway’s looking like LA’s own slice of NY’s SoHo, thanks to the new addition.




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