Dior – Trafalgar look

A flamboyant look to go with the Trafalgar dresses, as Christian Dior called them, the pieces that caused a sensation like cannons being fired as they were presented.

Dior – Grège look

A blend between grey and beige, two of Christian Dior’s favorite colours, combined into a mythical shade: grège, the colour of the Bar suit from Dior’s very first collection in 1947.

Dior – Rouge look

Very energetic and advantageous. It’s the colour of life. I love red,” Christian Dior wrote. He named his first lipstick 9, which would then re-emerge as 99 and become 999 today, a stylish, sensual look with timeless radiance.

Dior – Darling look

A fresh look named after Christian Dior’s “Darling” dresses, which he called three of his designs and which were presented with the Spring-Summer 1948, Fall-Winter 1950 and Spring-Summer 1952 collections.


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