Reclined in the twilight of an anti-paradise, the stars of Prada’s resort campaign fix us with a seductive stare. At first glance they could be mistaken for angelic beauties, immaculate in a sea of luminous floral prints and jeweled accessories. But there is a darker more powerful side to these women and this story, a twist in the tale that is quintessentially Prada.
The pale lighting that illuminates their faces like moonbeams extracts all natural colour and form from their features and re-paints it onto the clothes, bags and jewellery.
The practicality of a khaki sunbed and simplicity of grey slate flagging provide a stone-cold contrast to the tropical prints and bold colours of the collection. In this nocturnal utopia, the feminine power and strength of the models takes over, as if the force of the moon itself was propelling their steady, sensual pose.

Starring: Amanda Murphy, Anna Ewers and Cameron Russell
Photography: Steven Meisel
Music: “Daydreaming” by Dark Dark Dark


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