Forgotten folk art rescuer

Born in Bodbe, Georgia (1970), Lia Kochlamazashvili is professional Biologist (Ivane Javakhishvili State University, Tbilisi,Georgia 1988-1993) & now works as School teacher. She learned working on thick felt as a hobbies. Lia posses all the traditional and modern methods on working on thick felt. She takes part in various exhibitions amongst them are Georgian Days in France & Rustavoba at the Tbilisi ARTGEN. Works are very tender and beautiful. Thick felt is a folk art, material that is somehow forgotten in contemporary mainstream of fashion, and it’s a pity. As you see, it is conductive material for fantasy and practical. You can create gorgeous linen pictures, also toys, accessories and outfit. weightlessly light and very worm in the same way unusually broad for various design works, coats, dresses, suits, hats. Dear friends, enjoy those works until dear Lia does her best to survive the culture of working on thick felt.

Lia Kochlamazashvili  in her made coat from thick felt.


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