Here are a few great tips to make sure you have the perfect and most personal gift this Christmas to surprise her with. For more festive videos, click here:…

Lingerie can make the perfect personal gift. Here are few tips to help you get it right.
First establish her true size, don’t just guess. Take a peak in her lingerie drawer when she isn’t around. Also, think about her body shape. Try and consider her taste, what does she wear already?
Figure out her favourite colour or choices of material. Does she like lace or is she a silky-satin sort of a girl? Does she like corsets or matching bra and knicker sets?
Does she go for plain modern glamour or does she love bold prints?
Then think about her personality. If she’s glamorous and elegant then maybe go for Autograph. Bang on trend with vintage glamour looks and chique graceful details.
If she’s playful and daring then red is hot. Check out our Limited Collection with gorgeous satins, silky finishes and bold checks and prints.
The key thing is, to remember you’re buying it for her and if she loves it, it won’t get lost in the back of the drawer.


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