Marc Jacobs and Harry Louis Broke Up

 Marc Jacobs broke up with his Brazilian porn-star boyfriend, Harry Louis. Together for a little over a year, the pair split a few days ago, and Harry announced his marital status with a dramatic Instagram post over the weekend.

 Harry wrote:

So I would like to be the first one to share with you all the news … Me and Marc have decided not carry on with our relationship as boyfriends … The distance and lack of time because of work schedules aren’t really something realistic, and he’s such a beautiful and amazing person, that I think he deserve a bf who will stay at least in one of the cities that he leaves in … Also, I need that too … We love each other very much, and that it was a decision from both!!!! Every special minute we’ve spent together will be treasured, and a new chapter of our both lives has started … Both of us focusing in work, and make it work!!!! So, for those who were always supportive of us, please don’t be sad, live goes on, to all of us … And for those who were praying that this day were coming, there you have … Marc Jacobs and Harry Louis aren’t officially a couple anymore!!!!   [Instagram]


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