MILAN -FashionTV grabts a front-row seat at the Moschino Spring/Summer 2014 Collection at Milan Fashion Week. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of his house, Moschino wanted to show off his dominant personality. The show kicked off with models Pat Cleveland, Violetta Sanchez, Amalia and Gisele Zelauy wearing Moschino’s most iconic looks. The long black and red dress with a creative cow design, the black coat surrounded by teddy bears embellishing the shoulder line, the Italian flag top and gown made entirely of garbage bags were some of the our favorite looks. The models that came out in pairs contrasting each other’s look really spiced up the show.

Appearances: Pat Cleveland, Gisele Zelauy, Catherine McNeil, Auguste Abeliunaite, Katlin Aas, Holly Rose Emery, Meghan Collison, Ieva Laguna, Ruby Jean Wilson, Maud Welzen, Kel Markey, Hedvig Palm, Alex Wek, Alana Zimmer, Jodie Kidd, Erin O’Connor, Natasa Vojnovic, Diana Dondoe, Irene Hiemstra, Manon Leloup, Irina Kravchenko, Kamila Hansen, Louise Parker, Ondria Hardin, Kate Bogucharskaia, Drake Burnette, Ava Smith, Cindy Bruna, Iris van Berne, Marique Schimmel, Nastya Zhidkikh, Irena Nikolaeva, Marina Nery, Marie Piovessan, Fei Fei Sun, Maria Borges, Charlotte Wiggins, Ming Xi, Tian Yi

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